Visiting BNI Manhattan

As part of my six weeks in New York City, I’m visiting BNI Manhattan. That’s not one chapter – there are like 50 of them. Well, that’s what you get, squeezing 300,000 businesses into 34 square miles. Over Christmas I emailed a number of American BNI-ers, starting with the Manhattan BNI Executive Director, Todd Hallinger. He put me […]

When Things Go Wrong

They say, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…” Two and a half months have passed since the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and injuring over 250 people. At an event aiming to raise money for the Sandy Hook shooting, someone apparently thought it appropriate to wreak more destruction on America. […]

Brooklands Hotel – A Short Review

I’d heard various things about Brooklands Hotel before: people had always given it excellent reviews on the events front, and it had been featured at several events and venues exhibitions I had visited in the past. Their branded photo holder is sitting on my desk as I type. Sadly, it’s quite out of the way for […]

The rise of the “micro-event”

Putting on an event in your own office is easier than you think… There’s an aspect of event management that SMEs have been waking up to over recent years: events of any size can play an outstanding part in the marketing mix of businesses of any size. Not only that, but they can be presented in small company offices, with the […]

Picking an Event Name

I’ve seen some truly terrible event names in my time. Would you go to any of these events?: Long Term Planning Conference for the Development of Rural Lincolnshire An Evening With Kayleigh Simpson Wine Tasting The London Tower Experience (no relation to the actual Tower of London or Tower Bridge) These are all fictional events, […]

The most important thing when exhibiting

With this one simple tip, you will hugely increase your ROI at exhibitions… With Guildford Means Business (GMB) just around the corner, businesses in Surrey are busy preparing their exhibition stands. The hot topic at every networking event I’ve attended is how to leverage the best response from booking a stand at the event. So […]