Hello World

Hello! Just a short blog post to note that I’ve started a new website to be the hub of everything Becky Ladley – which hopefully soon will consist of more than just Social Quirk. I’ll be putting any old blog posts that don’t pertain to Social Quirk on here, as well as new blog posts […]

Behind the Quirk

Presentations are a great excuse to polish your company image. Recently I was invited to give a 10 minute presentation to my BNI Chapter about myself and my company. Here’s a (slightly edited version) of the presentation. I’m not the most confident speaker, so this gave me the opportunity to brush up on my presentation […]

Living Without the Internet

My life nowadays is online pretty much 24/7. I use it for work and for play. I connect with acquaintances and catch up with friends. I learn new things and share interesting content. However, apparently even in this day and age, I will have to wait until 24th November for the internet to be set […]

Blog Suggestions and Mailing List

Everything’s go go go at Becky Ladley central! In the next couple of weeks I will be making the switch over from Becky Ladley Events to Social Quirk Events (my new company). This will include Facebook, Twitter, website, blog and email, so if you would like to be informed when this switchover takes place, please email […]

Update and IFTTT

Apologies for the reduction in number of blog posts: it’s been a busy couple of weeks… I’m still working on getting my business up and running. The business plan is about half done, with the hardest parts (finance and checking for consistency) still to come. There will be some big changes which I’ll announce in […]


Woah, these job things take up a lot of your time! In all seriousness, I had a week of preparing for the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe pre-launches, then a week of holiday which I spent in Durham (and came back feeling like I needed another holiday), and then a week preparing for the MINI […]

Why I’m Doing This

In today’s job market, candidates have to really shine. They need to shine before, during and after the interview. They need to look good and talk better. Only then will they have a hope in hell of getting employed in this recession. Add to that the prevalence of the internet. I have a Facebook and Twitter which […]