As part of my six weeks in New York City, I’m visiting BNI Manhattan. That’s not one chapter – there are like 50 of them. Well, that’s what you get, squeezing 300,000 businesses into 34 square miles.

Over Christmas I emailed a number of American BNI-ers, starting with the Manhattan BNI Executive Director, Todd Hallinger. He put me in touch with Conrad Strabone from BNI “Lucky 62”, the second largest BNI chapter in the world at 86 members. Rather than being named locationally, the chapters are numbered randomly between 1 and 70, with occasional taglines such as “New York Minute” and “Worth Waking Up For”.

For the other chapters I visited, I had a look on the BNI “Find a Chapter” site to find a chapter with about 25-40 members, and with either a web designer, SEO consultant, marketing consultant or (even better) all three. I then got in contact with the person in the chapter most likely to conflict with me (and therefore most likely to be able to pass me business and vice versa) to ask if I could visit their chapter.

In total so far, I’ve scheduled 4 BNI meetings, at a range of places and times. I’ve got a 9am meeting and a 7:30am meeting. I really want to try a 6pm meeting, but still waiting to hear back.

To distract me from missing my own chapter (it feels so weird to know I won’t be seeing them all for over a month), I’ll be posting about my adventures at BNI here – what’s different, what’s the same, what’s better, what’s worse, and what’s just so, like, totally American!

[[Update – to read about my first visit to a Manhattan BNI, the 88-member Lucky 62, click here.]]

[[Update 2 – to read about my second week of Manhattan BNI networking, featuring the 9AM Chapter and chapter 45 with its huge marketing power team, click here.]]

[[Update 3 – to read about my final week of Manhattan networking, featuring an evening chapter and a 7:30am chapter, plus my final ranking of the groups I visited, click here.]]

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