We all make mistakes. It happens to the best of us. Maybe your alarm didn’t go off. Maybe you forgot to write down something important. Maybe you couldn’t keep to your promise of writing a blogpost a day for a month.

When it happens, it feels awful. Your boss might be mad. You had an important phone call to make. You lost a customer. Your integrity is damaged. If it happens, what can you do? Recovering from a mistake has three stages.


Firstly, apologise. Whoever felt the consequences of your error deserves a heartfelt and honest “sorry” before you can expect them to want to work with you again.

Secondly, atone. Whether it’s by offering to cover costs lost, staying late after work to make up missing time, or producing some kickass new content to make your readers forgive you, it is important that the net result of your mistake is positive for others.

Finally, absorb. There may be a deeper issue than you see, which you can learn from. Tackle the root of your problem, and you will be far less likely to make the same mistake in the future.


Reading between the lines, hopefully you have all realised I’m very sorry for not blogging for the past week (I’ve had a lot of stuff on, including some heavy shifts at the Mandolay making Christmas awesome for their customers – come on down to the m Brasserie and Bar to see the proof), and you can expect some really great blog posts in the run up to Christmas!

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