Woah, has it been three months already?

On 30th April I tentatively arrived at Vines of Guildford reception and asked for the Marketing Manager Cathy, and began my internship. On Friday, I hung up my waistcoat and bright pink BMW scarf, took off my lanyard, logged out of Kerridge and shut down my PC. And it’s been an incredible three months…

I had a lot of opportunities to learn during my time with Vines, thanks largely to the huge amount of responsibility I was given. The “Best of British” event we ran was chiefly orchestrated by myself, and for most of the events we ran I was the sole marketing team member on site. I now have experience of running events, from routine sales events, to corporate hospitality, to family fundays for groups of over 500 people from a wide range of ages. I am also more familiar with concepts such as professional social media usage, corporate identity, product promotion, and good customer service.

There were a lot of smaller opportunities for growth as well. On my first day it took me about half an hour to work up to making a phone call: I had to write myself a script and wait for my office-mate to leave the room before I would even dare to pick up the phone. These days, I can generally dial straight away with the minimum preparation required. I attended internal and external meetings confidently. I have dealt with suppliers and customers with ease. Even regular tasks such as managing the marketing email have been educative, and the necessary chores like envelope stuffing have, on occasion, provided welcome relief from the hard concentration of event planning. Every task, from prestigious to mundane, taking from five seconds to five days, has added to my wealth of knowledge and made me more employable and better at what I do.

Overall, I am a more well-rounded, accomplished events professional. However I am well aware that the journey is not over: it has only just begun. Most of the things I learnt on the internship were my own deficiencies and areas in which I need to improve, and three months is not enough time to do all that. As such, I am eagerly looking on to the next adventure in my life, and with two interviews under my belt and another one tomorrow, the future is certainly looking bright.

Vines has assured me that I am on the right track, and, having cleared the first hurdle (my first ever job), I have set my sights on the next. I only hope it is as exciting and welcoming, as well as challenging and educating, as the last.

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