Woah, these job things take up a lot of your time!

In all seriousness, I had a week of preparing for the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe pre-launches, then a week of holiday which I spent in Durham (and came back feeling like I needed another holiday), and then a week preparing for the MINI Drive Day which is today!

So I’ll promise that I’ll be updating 4 times a week for the next two weeks! Blog posts will include:

  • a review of Vines MINI Drive Day (from an organiser’s perspective), but seeing as it was to the MINI Festival I’ll also do a review of that (from a visitor’s perspective).
  • How NOT to Social Media
  • The Importance of a Degree
  • …and much more!

So stay tuned. As you may have noticed, my 30th fan on Facebook gets a SPECIAL PRIZE, and we’re on 27 now, so make a deal with 2 of your friends to all like me at once and split the prize!

Off to Brand’s Hatch now for the MINI Festival, hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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