My life nowadays is online pretty much 24/7. I use it for work and for play. I connect with acquaintances and catch up with friends. I learn new things and share interesting content.

However, apparently even in this day and age, I will have to wait until 24th November for the internet to be set up at my new house, which I moved into at the start of the month. For a few days I could bounce mobile internet off my phone, but now my data usage is almost up so I can’t even check my emails regularly. Adjusting my life around something I’ve grown up with and grown to depend on has been an… interesting experience.

This is made even more difficult by the fact that I’m trying to start up a company from home. Both sides of my company are facing difficulties: it is evident how social media took a hit, but it’s also harder to do event research without the convenience of Google. In addition, I can’t prepare for meetings the night before very easily, nor can I check details on my emails, scan my bank statements, or add new connections on LinkedIn following networking. Not to mention my complete dearth of Tweets and blog posts!

However, this lack of internet has meant that I have had plenty of time to organise my new house and office space. It has also got me out of the house more, as I ventured into Guildford in search of free wireless. Finally, it has helped me understand the problems I would face in the future if my internet were to cut out, and I have introduced some practices that should ensure my company wouldn’t suffer too greatly should I become internet-less again.

Finally, on an uplifting note, I have now secured funding for my company, Social Quirk Events. The next couple of weeks will be a little disjointed while I wait for my internet connection to be secure, and while I get my logo and website design finalised, but watch this space for the official opening of business.

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