Christmas is a magical time, filled with many fond childhood memories and family traditions. One of my favourites traditions is advent calendars. Nowadays lots of brands offer up their own, from Cadburys Dairy Milk to Lego, and tiny treats are gifted each day in December, leading up to a bumper sized bite on Christmas Day itself.

I’ve been a bad blogger recently, and broken one of the fundamental rules: consistency. As a reward to everyone who still follows my updates, and to show any new visitors that I’m still alive and blogging, I will post an update every day in December. It won’t be easy, since, as I’m sure most of you know, December is a VERY busy month. But check back every day, or make sure you’re subscribed to my updates on your social media of choice, for a full varied month of blog posts.

This is all from me today: I’m off to decorate my Christmas tree and the rest of my flat! See you tomorrow, and Merry Christmas!

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