I moved to Guildford 3 months ago, and have been thrown into the world of work from the comfy inertia of student-hood. I’ve been busier than I’ve been in years, and have barely had time for much outside of Vines and building up my website. However, no matter how busy you are, it’s difficult to not notice the beauty that is Guildford.

Surrey has a reputation of being the land of the rich (it’s probably the only landlocked county you’ll see a boat being towed through), but if those with wealth flock here then it’s for one simple reason. You are under 40 minutes from central London, and under 5 minutes from rolling countryside.

Not long after I moved here, I visited Guildford Castle with a friend. It was during those days of beautiful weather we had in May, and staying indoors seemed like a crime. We strolled down a narrow street from the High Street, not sure whether we’d read the directions correctly: surely there couldn’t be a castle hidden somewhere here? But we rounded a corner and the castle loomed above us.

For just £3 (£1.50 concessions) we visited a small exhibit of information on the ground floor, and then ascended into the main chamber, where the Lord or a visiting King would have stayed. The highlight is climbing all the way to the top, where from its hilltop perch you get a 360-degree panoramic view across the whole of Guildford.

The castle is set in picturesque gardens that would be perfect for a summer picnic, taking a romantic stroll, or chilling with friends. And only a few hundred metres from the High Street, this tranquil beauty spot is one of many amazing places right on your doorstep in Guildford town.

My Vines internship ends today, so I will have a lot more opportunity to explore Guildford and Surrey. In the next few days/weeks of unemployment, my aim is to discover as much as I can around the Surrey area. I know there’s a lot, so I’ll hunt out the hidden gems, and, naturally, blog about them so other people can share the sights.

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