Building on my recent blog post about improving your teamwork skills, I’d like to mention a fantastic tool that can streamline sharing documents between team members, as well as simplify your personal file storage: Dropbox.


Dropbox is a cloud storage system. Download the Dropbox program or app onto all your desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, etc, and it will create a folder on your desktop called the Dropbox folder. Saving a file in this folder immediately creates a copy on all your other devices, and online at Making changes to the document and then saving almost instantly updates all the documents on all the computers. This means you can access up to date versions of all your documents wherever you can get an internet connection. But the awesome doesn’t stop there.

It is easy to share files and folders with others, simply by emailing a link or clicking to share. Imagine: sharing plans for an event with the rest of the planning team and the client, and also being able to share personal photos with your family and friends around the world. Other great features include photos taken on mobile instantly syncing into my Dropbox, and alternative versions of documents being created if multiple people make changes.


Various account options are available. Free users start with 2GB of memory, and this can be increased up to 18GB through a number of referral techniques: friends signing up, connecting to Facebook and Twitter, etc. Pro plans start from $9.99 per month for 100GB of storage. Their business plan supports 5+ users, and prices start at $795 a year, with 1000GB and lots of added support features.

While studying for my postgraduate diploma in event management, I think I managed to get most of the class using this to share work for the team projects, so my storage capacity is up to a respectable 12.63GB. If you’d like to see if Dropbox can revolutionise the way you store and share documents, click here, and we both receive bonus space. For more information as to the extra functions available, check out the Dropbox blog.

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