I moved house  about a month ago. As a 23 year old, I’m still renting, and enjoy the flexibility of being able to uproot myself as often as once a year, if I like. This time was less enjoyable – our landlord sold our house so we had to find somewhere new. But we found a lovely flat, great location, not too expensive, etc, and within a matter of weeks we were packing our lives into boxes and booking a moving van.

Naturally I captured the move on camera and instagrammed our progress throughout the day…

moving house

But there is one ginormous issue with moving house, particularly if you’re a social media consultant. Internet providers make you wait 2 weeks (at least) before they can reconnect you. And when social media is a crucial part of your job, and the internet a crucial part of social media, you’re in a bit of a fix.

It’s been worse in the past – my 2012 house movestuck me with no internet for 24 days (with Virgin), and if we’d gone with our first choice of provider (O2), it would have been over a month. And it was 17 days this move, when we decided to go with Plusnet. All of this is blamed on BT – it’s all down to the shortage of engineers who come out to flip a few switches and get the internet up and running.

Luckily, with workarounds like tethering to mobile devices, Cloud Wifi in coffee shops and BTWifi hotspots, it didn’t slow down my business too much. And when the day finally came, the BT engineer was at our house for under 10 minutes to get it sorted. But I have to ask – how is it acceptable that it takes 2 weeks to set up the internet in this day and age, when it’s such a fundamental part of our lifestyle? Surely BT could train up a few more engineers – I for one would happily pay a little extra to get my internet when I need it – straight away!

What experiences have you had with moving house and sorting out the internet? Have you discovered any ways to get around the delay?

Note: this blog post originally featured on www.socialquirk.co.uk.

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