I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions the normal way. Y’know, make one or two and blow them before January 31st.

That’s not to say I always stick to them. But I give myself twelve chances at success. Twelve different things to aim for, and twelve different dreams to make come true.

For every month of the year, I write a vow and a wish. The vow is my resolution – to exercise more, to do my accounts, to help other people. The wish is what one thing I really want to happen that month – to get a pet, to move house, to go to New York…?

Sometimes they’re not related, usually they are – you’re more likely to focus on something when you know what you want out of it. And you’re way more likely to get what you want when you work towards it.

And I write them all down and put them up on my noticeboard, so I can’t pretend I’ve forgotten or I don’t care or I’ve got distracted…

So what are my 2015 resolutions? Some of them are private, between me and my ink pen. But I’ll share a few of them with you:

In January, I vow to go to the gym three times a week (cheating a little bit, as there’s a gym in my apartment block), and I wish to get a New York client (I have three BNI meetings and two 1-2-1s scheduled already!).

In April, I vow to write a blog post every day (or at least 30 posts throughout the month). This doesn’t mean I’ll be publishing one every day, but it’s good to build up a backlog.

And my October wish is to own a piece of wearable tech, like a smart watch. It’s my birthday in October so it seems like a sensible time.

Finally, I always have the same “year in general” vow and wish:

I vow to take opportunities as they present themselves to me, and I wish for 2015 to be memorable.

Have a totally awesome new year! See you on the other side!

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