Visiting BNI Manhattan

As part of my six weeks in New York City, I’m visiting BNI Manhattan. That’s not one chapter – there are like 50 of them. Well, that’s what you get, squeezing 300,000 businesses into 34 square miles. Over Christmas I emailed a number of American BNI-ers, starting with the Manhattan BNI Executive Director, Todd Hallinger. He put me […]

Behind the Quirk

Presentations are a great excuse to polish your company image. Recently I was invited to give a 10 minute presentation to my BNI Chapter about myself and my company. Here’s a (slightly edited version) of the presentation. I’m not the most confident speaker, so this gave me the opportunity to brush up on my presentation […]

Guildford Ladies Connections

Last Wednesday, the second Guildford Ladies Connections meeting was held at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford. Around 30 women of all ages and professions met to enjoy coffee and pastries, discuss business, and meet new people. Run by Rebecca Newenham of Get Ahead VA (previous showrunner of Ladies at 11, a similar networking meeting) and Sally Castro Gouveia of thebestofguildford (runs nearby Ripley […]

Woking Means Business

This Wednesday, 10th October, I am working at business exhibition Woking Means Business at HG Wells in (you guessed it) Woking, Surrey. Now in its nineth year, the exhibition has been totally revamped for this year, featuring a new layout and some exciting networking and learning opportunities.

So what’s BNI?

I first heard about BNI (Business Network International) when I started to attend Guildford Connections networking meetings. Opinions on it ranged from “it sounds good but there should only be one 6:30 a day” to associating it with the Freemasons: mysterious and cultish. When I was offered the opportunity to attend, I was nervously intrigued.

Why Didn’t I Hear Back?

Hands up who’s ever applied for a job and not heard back? There’s something incredibly frustrating about waiting for an email or phone call that never materialises. And even worse, not knowing why. I believe that students and recent graduates are some of the worst hit by it, and the least knowledgeable about why that […]