Visiting BNI Manhattan

As part of my six weeks in New York City, I’m visiting BNI Manhattan. That’s not one chapter – there are like 50 of them. Well, that’s what you get, squeezing 300,000 businesses into 34 square miles. Over Christmas I emailed a number of American BNI-ers, starting with the Manhattan BNI Executive Director, Todd Hallinger. He put me […]

When Things Go Wrong

They say, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…” Two and a half months have passed since the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and injuring over 250 people. At an event aiming to raise money for the Sandy Hook shooting, someone apparently thought it appropriate to wreak more destruction on America. […]

Guildford Book Festival

Starting this Thursday, 18th October, the 23rd annual Guildford Book Festival will be taking place at the Electric Theatre and other venues around the town. The packed festival programme features a variety of household names and up-and-comers. Here are my top picks: