So what’s BNI?

I first heard about BNI (Business Network International) when I started to attend Guildford Connections networking meetings. Opinions on it ranged from “it sounds good but there should only be one 6:30 a day” to associating it with the Freemasons: mysterious and cultish. When I was offered the opportunity to attend, I was nervously intrigued.

The Closing Ceremony

That’s it. As of one week ago, the Olympics are over. No more athletics clogging up the BBCs, no more constant need to check the results, no more threat of Russia closing in on us on the medal table. We came third – fantastically well, considering we were targeting fourth – and we had one […]

London v. Beijing: The Opening Ceremony

Before the Olympic Opening Ceremony last Friday, I heard many people say that it would be impossible for us to top China. The Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony in 2008 was a spellbinding spectacle, costing over $100million (£65million). London in comparison had only £27million, and Danny Boyle himself, producer of the Opening Ceremony, said “You can’t […]

Guildford Connections

It’s networking season apparently, and recently I went to not one, but two networking events run by The Best Of Guildford. Watch this space for the second one, at Tony Purslow Mercedes Benz, but here is my review of the first, Guildford Connections.

Vines Event: MINI Drive Day

Since my first week with Vines, I’ve been working on our MINI Drive Day to the MINI Festival at Brands Hatch. The event finally happened on Sunday 17th June, with 34 guests on the list and a weather forecast of “sunny intervals”. My day started at 6:45am when I woke up well rested and excited […]